The untimely combination of village and tulika

Painting exhibition at Government Dungar College

Bikaner, . It is said that when the artist takes it in his hand, then his canvas starts speaking. Painting is also the language of an impoverished person. He expresses subtle and subtle senses through his brush. Today, on 30-1-18, it was found on seeing a three-day exhibition organized by Shree Dungar College's painting department, it was discovered that these future painters expressed their all through these pictures. Each image is going to be overwhelming. These painters have sensed their charity on the plaque with the aim of ending the evil of society. Whether it is a picture of Shrikrishna, addiction is fatal to humans. Or Ambika Manda, portraiture of the statue of Arjun Prajapati, or the Shelf portrait of Virendra Swamy, probably reminds of the Shelfy era. In the same way the water of Itishri is the landshape of Jayshree Bhati, portraits of Ankit Chaudhary and the death of Shukrat in the horse, Balvir Sharma. The eyes of Kavita Pal Megh, our eyes are drawn to the picture. Apart from these, the pictures of Ashish Purohit, Ankita's rock art, tile painting, Jayshree Chaudhary Rathering, Shomeya etc. attract the audience unintentionally. Their immortal messages have been given through these pictures. Seeing these, it seems that Dr. IndraSingh Raj Purohit, Dr. Narendra Kumavat, Dr. Surendra Pal Megh and Dr. Shatish Gupta have worked very hard on the students. On this occasion, Aniket Kachava and Shankar Rai etc. also praised these pictures with the free voice. Nagendra Kiradu (painter)


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  • Ranking: 2
  • Place: Nathusar Gate
  • Hours of operation: Open: 8AM - 12AM
  • Start Date: 2018-01-21
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